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LIVE NOW: Wanted Sa Radyo June 30, 2020 (Tuesday) Raffy Tulfo In Action

Watch here live Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action aired on June 30, 2020 (Tuesday). The program is back to serve you pure no holds barred justice to those who deserve it.

The public service show is airing from 2 pm today from 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Hosted by the King of Public Service Raffy Tulfo and co host Sharee Roman. A credible news media man for over 20 years of experience in Public Service. Dubbed as the “The Program for the Oppressed and Abused”.

The program also does not care how big or small you are if you had done something that violates the law you will surely face your demise.

For those of you who have concerns and another issue that needs to be solved.

Please don’t hesitate to visit the program and you can send a message to the program’s Facebook page.


Wanted Sa Radyo June 30, 2020 (Tuesday)

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  • Ric June 30, 2020, 2:32 pm

    Palagay ko walang kalokohan c mrs.kasi binigay nya acct nya at password sa mr. Nya

  • Renly Aquino June 30, 2020, 3:28 pm

    Mr. Raffy, we have filipinos in riyadh wanting to be repatriated because they are no longer receiving their salaries. Also their iqamas are expired..they seek help from our authorities yet nothing happened..I know that u are in a position and can able to help these Filipinos…i can give the contact number of the person so u can talk to him personally and hear our fellow Filpinos’ cry .. .Wish that you can make things happen to them in God’s amazing grace…

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