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Heart Evangelista bashed by netizens for “showing off” her fashion and wealth

Heart Evangelista is known for her great fashion sense and her iconic luxuries. She is married to Chiz Escudero, and she is a stepmom of two.

One netizen tweeted that she is disappointed with Heart. “Disappointed with Heart Evangelista.” the netizen wrote.

Apparently, the netizen appeared to be a doctor. Based on her replies, she was disappointed with Heart about the fashion PPE stunt.

Many netizens replied to the netizen’s tweet, defending the actress, saying that it is not Heart’s responsibility to provide the PPEs.

“You are a doctor .You treat people .That’s what you do and we thank you for it. Now hearts an artist as well as a fashionista …she’s just doing what she loves. She didn’t do anything bad. Don’t judge her for that.” a netizen replied.

“Seriously, no matter how much good you do, people will always find this one thing they disagree with, and they will only focus on that.” another netizen said.

Heart Evangelista tweeted back saying “Can’t win them all dear … just don’t hurt me…It’s fine if you don’t like me.”

Others also said that the doctor’s intention of getting Heart’s attention was not bad however, her way of getting the actress’ attention was rude.

Another basher has caught Heart’s attention. She tweeted “The out of touch privileged, in the context of race and class, is a problem not only in the U.S., but in the Philippines as well.”

Some netizens replied:

“Is she privileged? Yes. Out of touch? Yes and I believe she’s aware of it. She was born filthy rich, but she tries. She’s helped SO MANY people (and animals) using her platform as well (most unpublished) so I find it unfair for people to cancel and judge her over a few posts.”

“You can get attention without dragging people who are just being themselves and who are helping anyway. You can educate people w/o targeting someone. Stop spreading negativity on the wrong people cause THERE ARE LOTS on whom you can invest that on. She’s helping a lot. SIT DOWN”

“can we have emphaty without hate?”

Heart Evangelista expressed that the basher’s tweet had caused her so much sadness. “YOU have caused me so much sadness.I honesty don’t know what to do about myself.2 days you’ve been at it.I express myself through my art and fashion.I have not done anything wrong .Using my image to create hate is wrong… still I will wish you well.God bless” Heart replied.

“@pilar_recto ano sagot! si heart pa pinagdiskitahan kesa yung mga pulitiko at celebrities na walang silbi. check her account, hanggang rt lang naman ang ambag! yung taong tumutulong pa talaga pinuna dahil lang sa fashion. pinoy nga naman laki ng inggit sa katawan!” a netizen replied. 

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  • Luisa tolosa June 5, 2020, 8:25 pm

    Hi PO Ms.heart sna po Isa kmi s mbgyan nio PO Ng tablet para my magamit PO mga anak ko s ngyon PO wla.kmi kakayahan bumil gawa Ng pandic s bansa ntin wla p PO kmi hanap buhay s ngyon..slamat po

  • Julie sandoval June 6, 2020, 8:49 am

    Ms.heart Sana po mabigyan nyo kmi tablet matagal na po pangarap ng mga anak ko.para magamit din nila sa online school taga-cainta rizal po kmi

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