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Did Lee Min Ho Just Posted the Major Spoiler of Hit Kdrama ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’?

Fans went crazy after Lee Min Ho posted recently on his Instagram account that maybe a spoiler of his hit drama on Netflix entitled, “The King: Eternal Monarch.” The actor’s fans are now excited over Lee Min Ho’s post.

The Korean hearttrob just posted photos showing him running down an aisle between rows of decorated white chairs.


The actors cryptic post made his fans guess in the comments section of his post. Fans are thinking there could be a wedding scene!

Then again, it could just be any other post, so there’s nothing else to do but wait for the remaining episodes to drop on Netflix.

In addition, “The King: Eternal Monarch” is a new Korean drama series starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-Eun as the lead roles. This is their first-ever team-up and also the first Kdrama series again, of actor Lee Min Ho after he got out of the military enlistment.

The story is about the modern-day Emperor of the Kingdom of Corea, Lee Gon, and detective Jung Tae-eul from the Republic of Korea, an alternate reality he got in when he crossed a barrier. Ever since the series started, it got involved in a couple of controversies and there were reports about its declining ratings.

There, he falls inlove with police officer Jung Tae Eul played by Kim Go Eun, who starred alongside Gong Yoo in the hit drama “Goblin.”

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