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Why Francis Leo Marcos got Arrested by the NBI?

The social media personality Francis Leo Marcos was arrested by the NBI today, May 19, 2020. The NBI Cybercrime Division served his arrest warrant for a previous case that was filed against him in Baguio, for allegedly violating the Optometry Law or RA8050. 

Francis receives positive feedbacks on his generosity with the poor people. Since day 1 of total lockdown in Metro Manila, Francis gives more than 750 tons of rice (still counting) to the poorest people. According to Francis Marcos, “Bakit ako mang sascam marami akong pera, gusto mo sunugan tayo nang pera.”

According to the Daily Tribune, “Businessman Francis Leo Marcos, who has gained fame for posting his donations online, is under #NBI custody for a still undetermined case.”

According to Twitter user @ErWINTERSOLDIER, “Big-time scammer and influencer knew for his relief operations, Francis Leo Marcos or Norman Mangusin in real life was arrested for violating the Optometry Law.”

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