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Kim Chiu Message for her Bashers on Instagram Regarding her 360 Statement

Kim Chiu was able to make the song her own following her “bawal lumabas” statement. She made it into a song, release it, and even sell “bawal lumabas merch.”

This is her fundraising amidst the COVID-19 crisis. However, Kim has made another controversial and slightly confusing statement again, after she interviewed in a live telecast with ABS-CBN reporter MJ Felipe and her slightly confusing 360 statement. That made her bashers came out again.

That made the actress went on Instagram and voiced her message. Kim said:

That feeling na…. Yung classmate mong hinihintay kang magkamali tas pagtatawanan nanaman nila, kahit non sense na!!!!

Classmate! Busy ako mag ayos ng bawal lumabas merch! For fundraising. Gusto mo maging reseller nalang? Para may magawa ka nd makatulong sa kapwa?

For those out of the loop (little 360 joke), Kim Chiu was interviewed about how she “overcame” the bashing caused by her “bawal lumabas” statements. She said:

Para siyang umikot, 360, parang oi! Dito dayo! Punta tayo dito. From a stranger, from a stranger yung nangyari, na buhayan na.. na…

Watch the video here:

credits from youtube-MJ Felipe

What Kim was trying to say was that she felt like things took a turn for the better after the worst. It was possible that Kim was tried to express that total strangers made her confusing statement into something a lot of people enjoyed.

However, being in that position before, Kim could’ve just rode the meme wave again instead of defending herself. The whole incident happened because of people not necessarily bashing her, but poking fun at her obviously confused statements.

Given the current situation she’s in, she should use the comments and the memes to further boost her brand.

Still, Kim did a great job of converting memes into something positive for the unprivileged with her merch fundraising campaign.

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