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Indonesia Minister Compared Coronavirus to a Wife saying, “Virus is Like your Wife”

A minister of Indonesia has compared the virus to a rebellious wife which was slammed online by several woman’s groups.

Mohammad Mahfud MD, the security minister said on a statement on Tuesday that he compares the coronavirus to a wife. Probably it was just a joke but it didn’t suit well to a lot of people. This statement was made during an online address which happened earlier this week.

“The other day I got a meme from my colleague… that says: Corona is like your wife. Initially you tried to control it, then you realize that you can’t. Then you learn to live with it,” he said.

Indonesia Minister

According to his critics and responses from various woman’s group, the remarks made was sexist. Women’s Solidarity Society said in their statement that such comment is not just a reflection of the governments incompetence in battle against COVID-19 but it was also underscored the sexist and the misogynistic attitudes of public officials.

It furthered that such kinds of jokes objectifying women will just “normalize the culture of violence against women”.

The minister’s office has not yet released any official statement about it as per The Federal’s article, based on an article. 

As per Worldometers, Indonesia has now 25,216 cases of COVID-19 with 1,520 deaths and 6,492 recoveries.

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