10 Tattoos of Nadine Lustre and the Meanings Behind It


In this generation, tattoos and body piercings are one of the beauty trends in the world usually worn by public figures such as celebrities, athletes, and people within the fashion industry.


Nadine Lustre, a Filipina celebrity, is one of those people who has tattoos. A Facebook user, Yvone JaDine Alamag, uploaded several photos of Nadine with descriptions of her tattoos and the meanings behind it.

Here are Nadine’s tattoos:

1. Nozomi Komiya. It is the Japanese translation of her name whereas ‘Komiya’ is what her surname could have been, since she has Japanese roots. Nadine means ‘hope’ and hope in Japanese is called Nozomi.

2. Rose. Rose is one of Nadine’s favorite flowers and it symbolizes self-love.

3. “Oh la la.” She is a fan of Lady Gaga and it symbolizes her love and admiration for her.

4. “nakayapak at nahihiwagaan.” From the song “Tadhana” which is her brother’s favorite song. She got this on his brother’s death anniversary.

5. “ma cherie.” French word means “my sweetheart. “I am my own sweetheart” (Nadine) non-verbatim.

6. Wrist tattoo. Matching tattoos with her best friends Lauren, Andrea and Kiana.

7. Heart. “To do everything with love.”

8. Crescent moon. Inspired by the song Everglow by Coldplay. Reminds her of those who have passed.

9. Vine. Symbolizes that her feet will remain on the ground no matter how far she goes.

10. “Ego Omnia.” Which means “I am everything.”

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