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WATCH VIRAL NOW: #CAVIT-19 Enrage Wife Caught Husband And Mistress Inside The Black SUV

Viral now in social media a enrage wife caught her husband and mistress inside the black SUV.

There are many cases that husband commits adultery to his wife and this is punisable by law.

Let us witness how the wife confronts her husband and the mistress.


The wife is inside a car and currently getting a video on the black suv where it is owned by her husband, minutes passed she caught in the act the mistress goes inside the car and the wife angrily confront the mistress “Walang hiya ka, malandi ka”.

During the commotion her husband tried to stop the wife and the opportunity has come given to the mistress to come out and flea, meanwhile the husband takes a deserving slap from the wife.


The wife confronts the mistress

This is a warning to adulterous husband out there please be straight and be honest with your wife because they are GODs blessing for you and your children, do not let lust take over because this will destroy your life and family as well, think what if right and don’t fall into sin.

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The mistress


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