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Viral Now: 4 P’s Alma Aquino “8k for 1 One Week” Statement Lambasted By Netizens For Being Too Opportunist

Viral now in social media a certain 4 P’s member named Alma Aquino interview by Tina Panganiban Perez of Gma 7 asking if 8k pesos from the government is enough she quoted the financial assistance is just only for a week.

Upon seeing the interview some netizens become enraged because her answer is not reasonable due to the fact that there are some workers who have a monthly salary of 8k is enough consumption for one month.

One of the netizen named Aileen Leyson stated “napataas talaga ang kilay ko sa statement na 8k for one week, kapal ng mukha, kami ngang may trabaho pinag kasya and 4k to 5k per month, 1k pero day yung gastos nyo? Konti hiya naman sa inyo!

(I find it unreasonable to her statement that 8k is only for 1 week, as a matter of fact, we workers had a salary of 4k to 5k but we try to spend this for a month, you must be ashamed of yourself).

The lesson, the government is doing its best to supply the needs of every people that are greatly affected by Enhance Community Quarantine, try to be thankful for what you have and think about what you can contribute to the government and help yourself also.

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