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Barangay Captains and Treasurers Will Be Imprisoned Without Proper Liquidation of Released Funds

Barangay captains and treasurers will be imprisoned if the barangay officials cannot provide proper liquidation of the released funds in every transactions of the barangay.

Department of the Interior and Local Government Under Secretary Martin B. Diño explained in this video the importance of the legal document to support the liquidation in every barangay transactions as they hold accountable subject for audit by the DILG and the Commission of Audit (COA).

Diño said that this time corruption in the barangay level will be put to an end as he and his office will be implementing stricter monitoring and audit down to the barangay level.

Failure to submit of the liquidation documents every three (3) month time will constitute automatic liability filed to the ombudsman.

Diño clarifies the importance of the function of his office in line to the Anti-Graft and Corruption Campaign of the DILG. Anybody go against the thrust of the DILG will have to be accountable and if proven will be put to jail, Diño said.

Watch video here:

This video surfaced in social media under the account of the “Viral ‘To” following after the government has allocated budget from national down to barngay levels for the financial support to the “poorest of the poor” affected by the enhanced community quarantine implemented by the Office of the President as precautionary measure to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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