WATCH: Viral Controversial Video Of Via Gonzales Fast Circulating In Social Media

Viral now in social media.

The controversial video of Via Gonzales a student from a well known and prominent school in the country.

Via is allegedly doing a controversial act with her boyfriend but without her knowledge, the moment was captured in the camera.

FULL VIDEO: PART 2 Via Gonzales Controversial Video Went Viral

Via Gonzales DEATH Went Viral on Social Media is FAKE NEWS


Many netizens expressed reactions after seeing the controversial video and share it to their friends and other people on Facebook and messenger.

Once again we appeal to the public that do not let your guard down and never trust anyone because you do not know what is in his or her mind.

Consider the power of social media that in just a second it will reach a thousands people in the online world just like this video that was shared to a hundred times and worse within a day after.

Meanwhile if you have watched the said controversial video please stop it there, as she pleaded, and consider the girls feelings, now she is maybe depressed.

Via was also pleading to stop being judgmental to her, she admitted her mistakes and she deserve a second chance in life.

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If you to see the video follow this link

Via Gonzalez controversial video

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