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Watch: Billionaire “Francis Leo Marcos” Calls For Bayanihan And Lambasted People Tries To Hinder His Purpose

Viral now in social media billionaire Francis Leo Marcos a person with a heart to help and challenges fellow rich families and personalities to donate a portion of their wealth to the families who are hardly affected by lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Sir Francis recently uploaded in social media his vlog showing his full support and commitment to help by sending two truckloads full of sacks of rice to be distributed to indigent families that now need help on their daily needs.

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He recently shows his disgust towards people who tries to hinder his purpose and recently released a vlog with almost 100k viewers and surprise his vlog disappears, he appealed to the public to spread his video to inspire more, rich families to do the humanitarian work to help their fellow countrymen amid virus outbreak.

Meanwhile let us support this person aiming not for fame or anything else but for the purpose of pure help and the heart for his fellow Filipino.

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