BREAKING NEWS: Actor Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Left Hospital After Test Positive Of COVID19

Breaking news Hollwood actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson left hospital after receiving treatment for 5 days after being positive for COVID19.

The couple has not completely recovered yet and remained in quarantine in their rented house in Australia.

Last week Hanks shocks the world after announcing that he and his wife test positive of corona virus infection after working on a film, the two experienced tiredness and fever this symptoms is the first suspected sign of the virus.


BREAKING NEWS: Hollywood Actor Tom Hanks And Wife Rita Wilson Positive For COVID19

The Hollywood actor travel history starts in Gold Coast, on Australia east coast south of Brisbane wherein he is set to begin filming a movie about Elvis Presley wherein he played the role as Presley manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Hanks and Wilson are the first celebrities that had been positive with the virus in the United States.

COVID19 is really making its mark in economy and even countries suffered greatly because of this global pandemic.

As a reminder to keep unharmed from the COVID19 the best way is to maintain a good hand washing habit, keep out from public places.

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