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WATCH: Sarah Geronimo And Matteo Guidecilli Spotted Together Buying New House W/ Vicki Belo

Newlywed couples Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidecilli were spotted together with Doctor Vicki Belo buying new house and other things to start their venture as husband and wife.

The two were happily together as if there nothing happened and move on their life.

Matteo and Sarah really prove the power of love and pursue their wedding despite of Sarah parent’s objection.

It is remembered that the two had engaged in a secret civil wedding without the prior notice of Mommy Divine the strict mother of the pop star princess.

Mommy Divine becomes enraged after she goes to the wedding ceremony and tried to slap the actor and argued with Matteo parents for bypassing her and also disrespectful to them.

But before that Mommy Divine hired a personal security guard for Sarah and also as a spy to report the daily activities of her daughter with Matteo, but later found out as per report by Jerry Tamara that her daughter tied the knot with Matteo without her consent.

The soldier actor denied the allegations that he punched Tamara because of the leaked information and informed to her mother.

Meanwhile the fans of Sarah is so happy that she find her love in the hands of Matteo.

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