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Sarah Geronimo Net Worth 3 Billion Php, Is This The Reason Mommy Divine Wants Pre Nup Agreement?

Pop star Sarah Geronimo is recently speculated has a net worth of 3 Billion pesos Philippine currency, which is a probable reason why Mommy Divine Geronimo wants a prenuptial agreement and does not want her daugther to be tied up with actor Matteo Guidecilli.

In Sarah younger years she decided to work for her family and give her money to her mother as a sign of respect and decides where to spend due to the fact that she thinks Mommy Divine knows how to spend it in a wise manner.

But eventually as the time goes by the popstar princess feels she cannot go on in her way of life proven by Mommy Divine is strict when it comes for her to enter in a relationship.

In her latest concert in Las Vegas she becomes emotional and expressed that there is something in lacking in her life and there it is she found her true love with Matteo Guidecelli.

Here is the proof of Sarah wealth as per declaration in the BIR :

On the past year Sarah paid almost millions of pesos on tax a per mandated by the Philippine Law.

Sarah aalmost paid 100 million of tax on her earing from 2009 to 2014 and according to Esquire magazine she already save 4.3 million dollars (200 million converted to Php).

This is a probable reason that Mommy Divine will not allow her child to marry due to the fact that Sarah can still work and produce money for her family.

Other thinks that Sarah is on her legal age to decide and mature enough to face the consequence of her decision in life.

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