BREAKING NEWS: Actress Nadine Lustre And Thai Actor Denkhum Ngamnet In A Project Under Dreamscapes


Breaking news actress Nadine Lustre and Thai actor Denkhun Ngamet will be paired together in a dreamscapes project here in the Philippines.

This is first time the actress will be paired to a foreing actor in a project and the actress expressed her excitement towards the said upcoming team up.

Meanwhile the Filipino fans did not know is Denkhum but here is an brief personal bio about the actor, he is 25 years old, model, Ngamnet is engaged in intense drama in Thailand.


As of now there is no details for the project yet but what is certain that the pinoy fans could not hold their excitement towards the upcoming project.

This is the challenge for both the artist to discovet their chemistry together considering the fact that this is their first team up.

It is also remembered that her former boyfriend James Reid will be team up with Nancy Mcdonnie a South Korean star and the macnae of famous girl group SK “Momoland” in a project Soul Mate under the same brand dreamscapes production.

As of the actress is busy more on her career and focus of what she want to achieve more for herself to cope up from her latest heartbreak from the actor.

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