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Boyfriend Sends Girlfriend A Hilarious Funeral Wreath On Valentine’s Day

Almost all the guys during Valentine’s scrambling to get the most beautiful bouquets of flowers to their girls. But one boyfriend brings laughter after sending a hilarious funeral bouquet to his girlfriend. What do you think is the reaction of his girlfriend when she receives the flower that only sees in the funeral wake. With a huge ring of white flowers set on a stand, white roses, and a large ribbon placed at the center.   


It writes in the letter “Patay na patay for Atty. Mary Zoelli R. Velasco”. The guards of the office would not let the delivery man enter because of the creepy flower. Although it caused disruption on the entrance, before things got complicated they revealed that it is a prank Velasco’s boyfriend played for his girlfriend.


Atty. Kenneth Manuel, Velascos’s co-worker was one of the people who had a laugh over the prank. He posted some photos that quickly go viral.

“The guards in our office would not let the delivery men come in with the wreath, thinking it was a creepy threat. Eventually, it was placed inside her office, and everyone, including her, is in a cheerful mood,”  Manuel said.          

 Velasco easily accepted the prank and didn’t freak out. And that’s a good thing but her co-workers and a lot of netizens thinking if would she really bring that thing at home.    

 But according to Velasco, “I am very flattered that my boyfriend took a creative route this Valentine’s Day,”  What do you think she felt with the “patay na patay” wreth?    

In reply to that, she wrote in a piece of paper, saying “Patay na patay ka rin sa akin!” 😀


Do you think Velasco got angry on her creepy Valentine’s flower? Share your thoughts in the discussion box below.


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