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Update of Sharon Cuneta in Makati Medical Hospital

Megastar Sharon Cuneta rushed to Makati Medical Center or Makati General Hospital on Monday, January 13, 2020.

She took her Instagram account and shared photos of her while she took a little rest in the hospital due to a her right eye irritation.

Along with her photo a caption reads, “Majorly painful / painfully major eye irritation tonight. Had to be rushed to the Makati Med E.R.. Buti walang scratch or foreign body. Nairritate lang dahil sa bahay when it was itchy and a bit sakit I scratched and washed it. Ayan. Kulang na lang makasama ko si Johnny Depp. Sabay na kami mag Pirates sa Caribbean. Haaayyy napakaKYUUUUUUUUUUUT talaga ng buhay ko nitong mga araw na ito!” she wrote.

According to the actress, while she was in her home, she feels something itchy on her right eye, and she scratched and washed but pain was still there. Then she was rushed to the emergency room of Makati Medical Center due to her eye irritation.

On her post Cuneta also quipped, “Ayan. Kulang na lang makasama ko si Johnny Depp. Sabay na kami mag Pirates sa Caribbean,” the singer/actress said jokingly.

The Megastar also expressed thankfulness to her fans and supporters in social media who greeted her and wish good health.

@mioliv77: “Get well soon my idol..I will see u this April in Melby”

@bb_alice_talley: “Hope and pray you feel better my dear”

@primeofmylife: “Love you ate ko. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.”

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