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Revelation: Actor Chad Kinis Admitted Looking “Mr. Right” Like Ion Perez

Comedian actor Chad Kinis admitted in an exclusive interview with PUSH that he is looking someone that will truly love him like Ion Perez as “Mr. Right” in his life.

Like Vice Ganda, Chad Kinis did not hesitate to reveal his true feelings as he made confession that he is longing to have a true love from a man that will accept him of what he is.

“Lahat naman po siguro tayo, nangangarap tayo ng isang taong magmamahal talaga ng totoo sa atin, yung hindi ikinahihiya na ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na mahal ka, di ba? Lahat tayo siyempre nangangarap na magkaroon ng taong ganun, yung aagapay sa ‘yo, magpapasaya sa ‘yo,” Chad Kinis told PUSH.

“Kasi di ba, karamihan sa katulad nating mga third sex, lagi tayong nagpapasaya sa ibang tao, pero gusto rin nating maranasan na tayo naman yung pasayahin at ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na ‘mahal ko ‘to’ ganun,” he added.

Chad believes that there are many out there like Ion Perez. They are just afraid to manifest and demonstrate their love because according to him it is a “stigma” here in the country for a man to love a gay like him.

“Meron pang ganyan. Meron yan! Naging stigma na po kasi dito sa Pilipinas kaya nahihiya yung mga tao, sa totoo lang, meron po talagang lalaki na magmamahal (ng bading). Kasi minsan, ang pagmamahal hindi naman yan sa kasarian, eh,hindi naman yan sa gender.

“May mga lalaking totoo naman po. May mga kaibigan akong napu-fall yung mga lalaki sa kanila dahil sa kabaitan, sa kagandahang loob, sa pinapakita, kung paano sila alagaan. Meron talagang mga lalaki na ang gusto nila ay minamahal sila pabalik” he said.

Chad also believes that relationship does not only matter on gender but it is also speaking of security matters. And he said that a gay once will love somebody, he said whoever that fortunate person to devote of loving a gay like him will be secured in his life.

“Meron kasing mga lalaking naloko na dati, ayaw ng masaktan at nakikita nila yung security sa mga katulad nating bading. Na dito secured kami—hindi pera-pera ha, kundi dahil mahal kita,” he said.

Here is one of Chad video footage on It’s Showtime:

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