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Profile Bios: Christine Samson “Genie-Nga” Of Its Showtime

Meet “Genie-nga”, or “ang babaeng laging pasok sa banga at may mahiwagang hininga” or in a real name Christine Krisha G. Samson, a commercial model and an event emcee. She also appeared in advertisements for a telecommunications company, a popular snack, a beauty brand, and a beverage company.

She finished college at the Bulacan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting. Vice Ganda gives her an opportunity to shine such as Jackque “Ate Girl” Gonzaga, Stephanie “Stephen” Robles, Issa “Sanrio” Meaker, and Nerijay “Neri” Lopera, and Ion “Kuya Escort” Perez.

Her first appearance is on January 6, 2020, who holds the charot cards that dictate the fate of the contestants of the “PiLing Lucky” segment.

On her Instagram account, it has already gained more than 109k followers with 83 posts, and 1,165 followings, follow her @christinesamsonn.

Good news boys, “Genie-nga”, or Christine Krisha G. Samson in real life is a certified SINGLE.

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Wherever the wind takes us. 🍃🌬

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