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PHIVOLCS Advisory Alert for Possible Volcanic Tsunami, Warns Affecting Barangays on the List

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) issued official list of barangay possibly affected by volcanic tsunami.

The said warning was announced by the PHIVOLCS due to its continuous volcanic activity with high alert level after violent eruption of Taal Volcano that possibly triggering to generate volcanic tsunami as Taal Lake surrounding the area.

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Taal Volcano is located about 40 miles south of Manila and considered second most active volcano in the country. The explosion of Taal Volcano on Sunday with more than half of a miles to the air belching ashes and tiny stones prompted villager’s evacuation as per advised the authorities.

Recently, PHIVOLCS released official list of barangays possibly affected by the said by the said volcanic tsunami.

Here is the list of barangays:

Authorities gives advisory warning to all the people who are located under the list of barangays to be watchful to avoid tragedy.

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