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Kathryn Bernardo Caught in a Video Cursing While on Trail in Iceland

Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo caught in a video cursing while on trail in Iceland.

The actual video footage of Kathryn Bernardo cursing while on trail in the ice was uploaded in Instagram and went viral and spread on social media in Facebook and YouTube.

In this video, Kathryn was almost slipped and because of that, she expresses some sort of Filipino words that means something of curse. This video of the iconic actress received mixed reactions from netizens. Some netizens find her cute for unexpectedly cursing. But some express ill feelings against the actress.

Normally, people don’t like to her someone cursing, especially with a celebrity people like Kathryn Bernardo who become the great influence of the teenager of today. Speaking bad words is not good to hear for the young ones, specially that bad words are coming from the person who has power to influence. And the one speaking of the words may affect to her personality in terms of respect.

But on the other hand, we cannot judge the actress and condemn her by just speaking that bad words. If you’re really a true fans of her like me, we have to be considerable of her. As for me, I can understand because that is normal for human being to commit mistake. Nobody is perfect and what she said is just a little thing to condemn her and that will not totally affect my admiration to her, yet I also don’t like to hear such a word.

What can you say about this video of Kathryn Bernardo cursing while on trail in Iceland? Share your comment here on the space provided below.

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