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Who are the Artists of GMA Network Allegedly Included in PDEA Drug Watch Lists

In line to the President Duterte war on drug campaign, PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino revealed that there are not only popular personalities of high-value targets involved in drug syndicate but he said in a report published on kami.com.ph, they are not only user but protectors as well.

In response to the PDEA’s drug watch lists involving celebrities, GMA Network has released official statement on Saturday, December 14, 2019 wanting the public to know that GMA Network adheres strict compliance of implementing company-wide drug-free policy.

The management of the network then requested PDEA to get the names of their talents who are included on the drug watch lists of PDEA.

The Writer’s Opinion

This is interesting news about learning the media personalities involvement in PDEA’s drug watch lists. What will happen to the online world once they know the names of the artist they idolized and one day their name will be available for public knowledge as one of high value target? Considering that media artists had a great contribution to the good or bad influence of our young generation of today.

There’s a big number in the online world becomes a fans and followers of the media celebrity. If one of the names of their celebrity idol will be mention as involved in drag syndicate, I think they are destroying the good image of the entire industry.

So far, there is no available name of celebrity or media artist mention but let’s just wait if there is a name to be publicly announce by the authorities and the GMA Network will reveal them for public knowledge.

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