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WATCH VIDEO: “Peach be with You” Alan Peter Cayetano Speech on Closing Ceremony of SEA Games 2019 VIRAL NOW

The closing of the 30th Southeast Asian Games 2019 held in the New Clark Athletics Stadium in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines has become memorable in the Philippine history as the country received 149 gold, 118 silver and 120 bronze medal in overall awards.

During the closing ceremony, Hose Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano gave his speech of appreciation to all the achievement of the athletes and to the organizing team hosting the game.

Meanwhile, before the end of his speech Cayetano made a strike against the critics of the organizing team of the SEA Games 2019 and he ended up with remarkable word “Peace be with you” with his hand signing with ‘peace sign.’

Script of Alan Peter Cayetano closing ceremony:

“For those of you who did not believe, for those of you who said this could not be done, for those of you who said this stadium will not be built on time, for those of you who said ‘sayang ang pera, dapat hindi tayo nag-host sa lahat ng nagkalat ng fake news, ang masasabi ko sa inyo, at ito itaga niyo sa bato: Peace be with you.”

Alan Peter Cayetano

Behind his good speech, there are still negative reaction from the netizens online. These people can only see what is wrong and mistake but never gives credit to some other things that tell the facts and reality as per achievement is concerned.

According to the critics of Cayetano, he said, “he only speaks about his achievement, bias and self-centered.”

A Twitter user, @princessmaiter insisted that he should be athlete-centered in his speech, not Allan-Centered.

According to @RedMooFriends, his speech was 90% thanking his friends and himself, 5% politics, 3% about his wife, 1.9% repeating the tagline “We Win As One”, and 0.1% thanking the athletes.

And you think you won the hearts of the Filipinos with that cringy speech of yours, Cayetano? Pasikat amp!
[email protected]_001

As usual, just like the saying that says, “You cannot please everyone.” This saying is best applying to the politics in the country. Because no matter what good you will do, there is always people who want to find fault in you and start throwing stones.

But for you, what can you say about Alan Peter Cayetano’s speech? Write them on the space for comment and let the online world knows it.

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