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Watch Raffy Tulfo in Action:”DOTA O AKO” Wife pleades her “Mamasboy husband” to stop playing Dota

In the latest episode of Wanted sa radyo Raffy Tulfo in action wife is in agony becuase her husband is not doing his part in their married life and being irresponsible and prioritize DOTA over her.

The wife noted “gusto ko sanag tumugil ka sa paglalaro mo at mag focus sa akin”

The wife added his husband becomes irresponsible and often relied to her mother and not finding work.

Idol Raffy ask his husband to come and he jockingly said “bonjing pala ito kasama pa ang mama sa pagpunta dito

The wife pleaded to part way from her husband mother and start their own life independently.

Idol Raffy noted he will help them start and find them an appartment and will pay the rent plus water and electricity.

This is a lesson to husband out there be responsible and do not depend on your parents.

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