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Watch Raffy Tulfo in action: Seaman “Jojit Peconada” slams wife “Florabel Peconada” for being pregnant from another man

In the latest episode of Wanted sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo in action a seamans “Jojit Peconada” slams his wife Florabel peconada for having a baby with other man and the man is an airforce officer.

According to Mr. Peconada his child said “Pa manganganak napo si mama”, upon hearing the news he was surprised and confirmed the news through its relatives here in the Philippnes.

Idol Raffy asked if the child knows that her mother newborn child is its sibling.

The seaman noted “hindi ko po alam kung naintindihan ng bata” and he currently revealed that his wife admits that she has an affair with another man.

Meanwhile Idol Raffy is making its move ro settle things between him and his wife.

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