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Watch Raffy Tulfo in Action: Irresponsible and Opportunist Children Denies To Take Custody On Their Mother

In the latest episode of Wanted sa Radyo a complainant ask assitance to the program to call the attention of her siblings to ask support for the well being of their mother.

Genilita noted “gusto ko lang sanang himingi ng tulong para ma hingi ng suporta sa mga kapatid ko para kay nanay”

She added she cannot sustain the needs of her mother because her source of living is not good they could hardly pay rent in their house.

Gerry the brother of Genelita noted “meron ka namang bahay noon pero binenta nyo kaya ngayon nag rerenta nalang kayo

Idol Raffy wants to know if they are willing to take custody of their mother but it seems like the two is trying to pass the responsibilty to the program and take makes Raffy Tulfo enraged.

Please watch the full video below:

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