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WATCH: Netizens Slammed Noli De Castro on “Bronze Lang” Comment to Efren Bata Reyes on Sea Games 2019

Famous news anchor Noli De Castro of ABS CBN recently slammed by netizens over a controversial comment “Bronze lang” towards the achievement of Efren Bata Reyes in Seagames 2019 “Karom”.

The news anchor did not notice that he is still on air while making a statement.

DE CASTRO “Bronze lang

Some netizens says that he is critizing Reyes medal achievement.

Others believed it was a tactless comments and charge of being insensitive not considering the billiard legend was on his old age and not in his prime anymore.

According to Efren “di ko na magagawa yung magic ko kasi pag tinataas ko ang aking mga kamay iniinda ko ang sakit

According to previous interviews without Reyes participation the Philippines cannot participate in Karom because he is the only professional to play in that field.

Meanwhile despite of win over Thailand the billiard legend falls to vietnam and received the bronze medal.

Despite of bronze medal the Filipino people salute the greatest achievement of the athlete billiard legend in the country, without him is impossible to brings honor to our country.

Seagames is not for medal of achievement its how to show respect towards different countries in South East Asia “We Win as One”.

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