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WATCH: Miss Universe 2019 “Top 10 in National Customes” Preliminary Round

Watch Miss Universe 2019 Top 10 in National Customes preliminary round.

The said event the girls will try to present their respective countries thru elegant National customes designed by the top artist of their own nation as well.

In the event the ladies will wear it confidently and with a pure sense of pride added by ramping it on stage. The said event is not a joke wherein the panels of judges is purely respective and expert on their own fields.

The group of panels is composed of Gaby Espino, Miss USA 2008 Crystle Stewart, businesswoman Bozoma Saint John, Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega, famous blogger Sazan Hendrix and Cara Mund Miss America 2018.


10. Ecuador


8. Thailand

7. Colombia

6. Indonesia

5. Ireland

4. Phililpines

3. Myanmar

2. Laos

1. Puerto Rico

Claiming the top spot is Puerto rico an elengant flowery custome that represents her country flowery heritage and culture.

Choose your bet at the upcoming Miss Universe 2019 and lets support our own representative.

These national customes is really full of colors which makes the people around the world of their heritage, traditions and culture.

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