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VIRAL NOW: Catriona Gray Mistaken Word “KALARANGAN” Instead of KARANGALAN

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray speaks the word “Kalarangan” instead of “Karangalan” during her farewell speech as she walks along the alley of prestigious stage of the pageant of Miss Universe 2019.

Her wrong articulation of the word “Karangalan” receives reactions from the online world.

Tracing the video track at record at 57 second of the video attached here below, you can clearly hear her wording out the word “Kalarangan” instead of Karangalan.

Upon writing, this become one of the most talk issue in the internet.

For the last time of her reign, Catriona walk effortlessly and stunned with her gown created by Mak Tumang who also the same designer of the gowns she wore in the Miss Universe 2018 competition in Thailand.

Miss Universe 2018 left good example as she shared her advocacy that she is supporting for the cause.

As she approaches the end of her speech, Catriona address all the people especially fellow Filipinos by saying “And to my beloved Philippines, isang karangalan po ito. You endlessly inspire me and give me hope. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. Above all, thank you God. I lift everything to glorify and honor you. As I close this chapter, I do so with a grateful heart,” she said.

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