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VIRAL LOVE STORY: Richielyn Jimenez is Ryan Casidsid Bride-to-be Died Before Their Wedding Day

Wedding day is the greatest and the happiest moment one ever had in life.

Everyone, especially the woman long for that day to come. The dream of walking the center aisle before the eyes of the many watching you as the center of attraction while your groom is waiting for, is the most ever-dreamed of everyone, just like Richielyn Jimenez. But unfortunately, she did not able to fulfill her dream in life.

Her husband to be Ryan Casidsid was also excited with Richielyn hoping for that day to come full of happiness and joy as they prepare everything for the wedding. But things did not turn out as they expected for.

On Ryan’s Facebook account, he shared memories of sweet love stories of her bride-to-be as the wedding day approaching. But latter on the other post of Ryan he shared a sad story about her bride-to-be how she died before their wedding day.

The love story of Ryan and Richielyn started December 2017. According to Ryan, it took him several months to get her “Yes” to become his girl. They celebrated their first year anniversary in Tagaytay with memorable and full of love story.

In the first month of this year 2019, in January, Ryan’s heart overwhelms with joy following after the big “YES” of Richielyn after accepting the wedding proposal.

Few months later, both of them were happy after learning that Richielyn became pregnant but only for a while, they lost their son. Ryan admitted it was hard for them to move on from that situation but they tried their best to get back to their normal life and focus on their wedding.

They are so excited for the wedding day as everything is ready. Only comes to the point of learning that his bride-to-be was diagnosed with ascites, a kind of sickness with abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen.

There were some other diagnoses before TB meningitis found on her. Richielyn’s condition is getting worse and worse. She had to be transferred immediately to a better hospital with complete facilities for her treatment.

Ryan admitted that situation is getting hard for her as doctor told him the chance of survival of her girlfriend is 30/70 percentage only. Ryan was helpless at the time and found himself in a chapel crying for help to God.

In December 2, 2019, Richielyn underwent operation but lost her senses and come to the point of coma. Ryan and their family sought financial aid to their friends and relative for her continuous treatment.

They got tired from being sleepless watching her, they went home to rest for a while until a message from her brother awakens him to go to the hospital immediately as advice by the doctor.

Ryan rush to go to the hospital but when he arrived, Richielyn was already gone. Richielyn her bride-to-be died before the wedding day which was supposed to be set on December 21, 2019. Ryan concluded their love story comes to an end.

The Facebook post of Ryan and Richielyn love story with hashtag lovestory of the bride-to-be went viral on social media. Upon this writing, it has more than 20 thousand shares online.

Netizens expressed their sympathies and condolences to the family of Richielyn’s family and to Ryan.

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