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LIVESTREAM: Miss Supranational 2019, Winners & Live Updates

Watch free live streaming of 2019 Miss Supranational final show on Friday, December 06, 2019. The highly anticipated event will take place at the International Congress Center (MCK) in Katowice, Silesia. The reigning Miss Supranational, Valeria Vazquez Latorre from Puerto Rico, crowns her successor at the conclusion of the event.

Viewers in more than 140 countries can watch here. Watch the full video below:

Resham Ramirez Saeed from Pandag, Maguindanao represents Philippines. Miss Supranational 2019 is hosted by chef Damian Kordas and BBC presenter Anita Jones.

Miss Supranational 2019: Thailand – Anntonia Porsild
1st runner-up: Namibia – Yana Haenisch
2nd runner-up: Indonesia – Jesica Fitrian
3rd runner-up: Peru – Janick Maceta
4th runner-up: Venezuela – Gabriela De La Cruz

Top 5th
Indonesia – Jesica Fitrian
Namibia – Yana Haenisch
Peru – Janick Maceta
Thailand – Anntonia Porsild
Venezuela – Gabriela De La Cruz

Top 10th
Czech Republic – Hana Vágnerová
Colombia – Yaiselle Tous
Panama – Krysthelle Barretto
United States – Regina Gray
Vietnam – Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Châu

Top 25th
Argentina – Avril Marco
Cameroon – Angèle Kossinda
Dominican Republic – Yaliza Burgos
Guatemala – Andrea Radford
Netherlands – Nathalie Yasmin Mogbelzada
India – Shefali Sood
Ireland – Jessica VanGaalen
Iceland – Hugrún Birta Egilsdótti
Mexico – Dariana Urista
New Zealand – Eva Louise Wilson
Philippines – Resham Ramirez Saeed
Poland – Kamila Świerc
Puerto Rico – Shaleyka Vélez
Singapore – Naomi Huth
Trinidad and Tobago – Yia-Loren Gomez

Special Awards

Miss Photogenicity:       Finland – Viivi Altonen

Miss Friendship      :

Best Body                 :

Miss Elegance         :         Netherlands – Nathalie Yasmin Mogbelzada

                                            2nd place: Vietnam – Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Châu

                                            3rd place: Venezuela – Gabriela De La Cruz             

The best evening dress:               

The best national costume: Mexico – Dariana Urista       

Miss Talent :              Singapore – Naomi Huth

Watch the video below: Miss Supranational 2019 Preliminary

There are 77 contestants compete in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions.

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