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Law Maker Proposed to Ban Young Students of Using Phones, Android Gadgets in School

Lawmaker suggested to the body proposing to ban students from age 15 years old down to younger level from using electronic devices such as smartphones and other android gadgets in public and private schools. The proposal is believed to address the worsening condition of the young people of today’s generation as considered behavioral disorder affecting in psychological, physiological and mental health issues.

San Jose Del Monte City Rep. Florida Robes quoted about the studies from the experts indicating children using gadgets smartphones for a longer period of time and even during school hours exhibit above normal behavior.

Robes added that severe using of gadgets can become addicted and diminish academic performance and lose their concentration and inclination in study habits. This also increase tendency of cyberbullying and contribute to an increase in teenage anxiety, depression and suicide.

Under Robe’s proposal, students who are using devices or gadgets and brought inside the school must surrender to the school authorities until the dismissal of their respective classes except during the exceptional circumstances as needed.

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The provision of students allowed to use their phones and gadgets only in emergency situation or when the class required in particular lesson or in some other situation that using gadgets is necessary for the health well-being as advised by the medical expert.

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