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Grabfood Delivery Woman Using Wheel Chair Lauded by the Netizens

An impatient man posted important message in his Facebook account to tell others not to take things for granted.

This was happened when his ordered GrabFood arrived late from the time he made an order but everything turns different after learning that it was delivered by a person on a wheelchair.

A man in Singapore Shahril Jantan captioned on his Facebook post saying that he ordered some bubble tea via GrabFood.

Image from Berita Herian Singapura/Facebook

The normal time duration for his delivery took only 20 minutes. This last order he made it took more than half an hour. He becomes hangry, until a few minutes the app displayed that the GrabFood rider finally arrived at his residence.

His agitation gradually became a sense of guilt after seeing from his window that the GrabFood personnel delivers his order is a handicap woman in a motorized wheelchair.

Watch Video here:

I went up to her as she reached my lift lobby and my heart really sank,” Shahril captioned in his Facebook post.

This was after realizing how long she travels using her wheelchair from a certain distance just to deliver his order.

It was a little shocked, to be honest. I was lost for words,” he added.

Even though he already paid his order in a GrabPay, Shahril extend extra cash to the delivery woman as a token of appreciation.

Shahril said, she would continue being an inspiration to other able-bodied people.

In an interview, the GrabFood personnel is identified as “Sumaiyah Binte Ghazali” 40-year-old.

She said she is motivated doing her job as it makes her independent and feel useful to the family to help her three siblings and family needs.

James Ong, Head of the GrabFood Singapore said, “GrabFood is proud to be the platform that enables micro-entrepreneurs like our delivery-partners.”

“They have the flexibility to plan their working arrangements, from their preferred modes of transport to their working hours,” he added.

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