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BREAKING NEWS! Liza Soberano and BTS Tandem Soon to Film, Excites Supporters and Fans

The netizens in an online world specially fans and supporters of the Filipino-American actress are getting excited for the possible tandem with one of the BTS Bangtan Boys.

Currently, report regarding the tandem of Liza Soberano with BTS is making round on social media as the most talk celebrity issue making the followers and supporters even the netizens in the online community, the report not only excites them to see one day of their idol work together with one of the BTS member but they’re making a demand to the film maker to come up with the film making the dream of the actress and longing of the fans and followers to come true.

In an interview with Liza’s manager Ogie Diaz, he said that they are heading to that project to come to realize as they can see big opportunity of making his ‘alagang actress’ to have a chance to see by her avid fans and followers prove her best and show her innate talent in an international level.

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Nam Joo Hyuk

Liza also confirmed her willingness to do the project as it is expected to have a beautiful outcome in working together with BTS.

“Like I say, any opportunity is a blessing, Kahit saang bansa pa yan and I would like to try”, Liza said.

The 21-year-old also express her intention of learning Korean language to become more comfortable in working with the BTS in a project.

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The netizens express their best wishes and congratulate their idol in advance for the success her international project with BTS to the next level.

“This maybe the big break to see Liza na makisabay sa mga sikat sa Korea,” one avid fans said.


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