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Subrang VIRAL! Newest Version of STOP, LOOK & LISTEN by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Religious leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is making round on social media following after his “Stop Lindol Issue” that became viral for several days this week.

As popular religious personality, most bloggers are taking this as opportunity to avail financial gain if they can make Internet Meme out of the viral issue like of this one involving a religious icon in the country.

Here is one of a sort of Internet Meme that went viral of today.

Watch video here:

This video circulated in social media and micro-blogging sites. Many people in the online world are making fun of this video.

On the other hand, followers of the pastor are appealing to the netizen to stop putting their leader into shameful situation as they really believed him as a man of good reputation and having pure intention of helping people change their lives by way of repentance and back to God.

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