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Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Child Born with a Tail on (Cagayan Valley), November 10,2019 Episode

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) Nov 10, 2019 episode KMJS Marlyn Bayani of Abulug (Cagayan Valley) was shock after giving birth to baby (Ramram). Ramram is so adorable, happy, Loving. But not everybody knows the secrets behind his diapers.

Baby Ramram is 7 month old of Abulug (Cagayan Valley). He was born with a 3 inches tail on his back.

Marlyn Bayani doubt that she might had had enchanted or been cursed by witches.

According to doctor Baby Ramram is not the only with born with this kind of disease. This is a rare disease and also calissified into 2 type; True tail and Psuedo tail. True human tail arises from the most distal remnant of the embryonic tail.Pseudo tails have got superficial resemblance to true tails. They are anomalous prolongation of the coccygeal vertebrae.

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