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Watch:Viral Now Ex Bf And Bride Hugs For The Last Moment In Front Of The Groom

Viral now in social media a wedding ceremony that catches the attention of the netizens wherein the Ex boyfriend and the bride spotted crying in front of the groom.

Some speculated that the two has still have feelings for each other, but it is not clear why they have broked up.

In the video you can see it is a typical kind of wedding ceremony wherein the bride and the groom are happing bonded and married, but at the reception there is a man who goes towards the bride, seen crying and moment past the bride becomes also emotional.

They actually hug each other, which is considered the last hug and say “Goodbye to their feelings”. The ex boyfriend and the groom hand shake with each other signifies that they both accepted to Love the Girl.

The guest in the events had a mixed emotions towards the event, some are happy and amazed because of the ex bf courage to express his last goodbye.

The popular tagline which states “Pinagtagpo pero di tinadhana”.

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