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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Part 3 Viral Video Mother Of Dimple Morcillo Almost Pleads And Begs Mr. Alexander Gutal Not To File A Case Against His Daugther

Update Part 3 of Viral Video in a man who is beaten inside the Puj named Alexander Gutal against the offender Linda a lady who becomes hysterical who allegedly harassed by Mr. Gutal.

Now the mother of Linda almost pleads and beg Mr. Gutal to settle things up and begs not to file a physical injury case against her daugther, but Mr. Gutal is really eager to seek justice for himself.

Idol Raffy stated that we cannot tell Mr. Gutal what to do because he was the victim if he wants to file a case then he can proceed by their is a term called ajudication in court where the both parties are tried to are settled but if not they can proceed to hearing and get an attorney of their own at (PAO).

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