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WARNING: Strongest Storm Super Typhoon to Hit Philippines in 2019

During the rainy season in the Philippines, beginning from the month June, typhoon is the greatest fear that always threatens every Filipino living in the country especially people living in the costal areas.

According to the report circulating online, this year 2019, there is a super typhoon predicted to hit the Philippines which is believed to be fierce than the super typhoon Yolanda struck in November 3, 2013 affecting more than 14 million people across 44 provinces, displacing 4.1 million people, killing about 6,340 people and leaving 1,800 missing.

CNN News video report dubbed the supper typhoon as “Hagupit” which is believed to landfall on province of Samar is almost as strong as super typhoon Yolanda.

Portion of the video from track 1:36 is CNN News report about Super Typhoon Hagupit. Watch video here.

Similar report from hypotheticalhurricanes.fandom.com citing of the same incident with the supper typhoon but dubbed as “Supper Typhoon Nari” which has a Philippine name equivalent as “Kristine.”

According to this report, Kristine will landfall sometime in August 19, 2019 in Quezon province and affecting the entire Luzon with storm signal #5.

The supper typhoon Hagupit of CNN News video, is similar to super typhoon Kristine of hypotheticalhurricanes.fandom.com .

The CNN News video also featured typhoon stories like Washi 2011, a tropical storm, killed 1,200 people. Bopha 2012, the very first super typhoon who made a landfall in Mindanao, killed 1,100 people. Over 8,000 families were left to seek some help.

However, our team has made a research about this news, we found out that some source says the news is fake. Whether the news is true or fake, we better pray for the safety of our country.

God bless Philippines.

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  • Louella December 4, 2019, 11:06 am

    This is so sad. God bless Philippines 🇵🇭

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