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Viral Now: Girl in Red Dress Merciless Bullying and Beating Another Girl

One of the alarming issue today is bullying or the act of harming a person with no specific or shallow reason.

In the video you can see a girl in red dress mercilessly beating another girl. On the other side is a girl in white dress try to plead sorry to the red dress girl but still she cannot hold her temper and slapp and puch the girl in the face and head.

FOLLOW THE LINK TO WATCH THE VIDEO. https://www.facebook.com/100009765789710/posts/919732655028919/

Meanwhile the boy is trying to stop the two but he cannot controll the girl in red dress.

This could be a possible love triangle among the two girls, or a third party is involve.

This video really was upload in the social media which garners a lot of reactions from the netizen.

The identity of the involve party is still unkown.

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