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Viral now in social media is the hilarious cover of hit song ” Ikaw at Ako” a sound track of highest grossing movie of all time in the Philippines ” Hello Love Goodbye” At first the first teacher open up the song in good manner hitting the notes and good to ears to hear as [...]

A cetain man name La Bronzo Lamit uploaded a video in social media to express his frustration towards a customer service clerk saying their service is defective and not precised. He stated the terminal is operating 24 hours but why their is no vehicle available ” Sabi mo 24 hours yung terminal bakit wala akong [...]

Viral in social media now is a road rage between the taxi driver and MMDA officer. In the video you can see the taxi driver assaulting first the MMDA officer and the officer fought back to defend his self. MMDA officer “sasagasaan nya yata ako”. His going to hit me. The officer just there only [...]

One of the alarming issue today is bullying or the act of harming a person with no specific or shallow reason. In the video you can see a girl in red dress mercilessly beating another girl. On the other side is a girl in white dress try to plead sorry to the red dress girl [...]