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Bela Padilla Reacts After Grab Driver Unlawful Act

Actress Bela Padilla reacts after a certain grab driver shares personal information about her, specifically her address which is a clear violation of the actress safety and privacy.

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On Twitter, she express her dismay about what happened, saying “This can’t possibly be right and tag the official twitter account of Grab Philippines.

Upon knowing the incident Grab issues a public apology to Padilla and ensures that the said incident will not happened again and impose possible disciplinary action to the said grab driver.

She added she will not cause any scandal because she is not that kind of person, but she wants to spread awareness to those grab drivers out there so that this incident will not happen again.

Maybe the driver was excited upon meeting the actress and really eager to share where she lives, but this is not an advisable act and punishable by law.

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