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Full Video: PBB Housemates Wealand Ferrer and Kaori Oinuma Untold Love Story

Kaori Oinuma grew up in Nueva Ecija with her grandparents. While, Wealand Ferrer talks about growing up without his biological parents in Nueva Ecija. Wealand tells his fellow housemates that he was being rejected (Kaori).

According to him, “One of my reason na sumali ako dito sa PBB kasi sinundan ko sya (Kaori).” He added, gusto ko siyang Makita at makausap, at maging kaibigan ulit.

Netizens uploaded some pictures of Kaori and Wealand on social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter.

Watch the video below: (Courtesy video by the YouTube User)

Kaori Oinuma will be back inside the house with Ashley Del Mundo on Friday, July 12, 2019.

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