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Ditto Modern Tea: Milk Tea With Adorable Piglet-Designed Marshmallow

Filipinos love the well-known drink, milk tea. There are many milk tea businesses lately, which have caught the attention of ‘milk-tea-lovers’. Regardless of the price, milk tea has a unique taste that could retain in your mind.

Recently, a unique milk tea shop in Bangkok has earned recognition and appreciation of the netizens, as well as the foreigners because of their adorable milk tea. Ditto Modern Tea sells a milk tea drink with an adorable piglet-designed marshmallow. However, being said that it would be only available for a limited time.

Besides the little pig made from marshmallow, the freshly made hojicha also includes brown sugar pearls, matcha pudding and cream cheese. Other designs include a cute bunny and a puppy!

The drink costs 155 baht, which is about S$6.77.

These adorable marshmallows make it hard for the customers to eat them. They are just adorable! You would not want to miss that opportunity to take a picture of it. Totally instagramable!

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