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Is KAPA Scam? Learn from this Corner by Watching Video!

KAPA Community Ministry International Inc. or popularly known to its tagline as “Kabus Padatoon” is a religious group who initiate of creating wealth for themselves to provide good living to each member.

Promising income of 30%

It becomes a talk of town how on this religious group increase financially as they started from rag to riches sustaining to give incentives to more than 1-million members for more than three (3) years until today.

Many among the members testifies that they earn 30% from their money donated to KAPA. Every members donating certain amount of money understood that they’re donating it to KAPA and aware that anytime the amount of money donated would be lost. But they believed to the person running the business is wise enough to make KAPA business grow and in fact KAPA was able to give incentives since the very beginning until now for more than three (3) in the business.

How they get their financial source of capital?

According to the KAPA worldwide ministry founder Pastor Joel Apolinario, KAPA received donation from all the members as their financial source. Pastor Joel clarifies that they do not received financial investment but instead of a plain donation. In a way that he is a good person in the ministry, he is willing to return their money donated plus the monthly interest of 30%

Watch Pastor Joel interviewed by the news caster.

Watch video Pastor Joel explain how KAPA works.

Watch video how you can get rich with KAPA

Watch video of KAPA anniversary

Is KAPA Scam?

We are not the man to say if KAPA is scam or not. The way I personally understand, let’s consider financial investment, once the investor still receives proceeds from his investment, then that is not a scam. But considering also this nature of business, once it is no longer sustainable and operating business will not be able to give proceeds or incentives to the investors and capital investment is in danger and totally lost, then that may be the time you can say it is a scam.

Nevertheless, KAPA may not be liable for your money in the since of a principle of donation.

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