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Lalaki Naliligo sa “Pool Fountain” of Bacolod New Government Center (NGC) Goes Viral

As the summer season brings us a tropical hot weather, people tend to go to beach or resorts to cool themselves down. However, this guy took it to another level just by taking a bath at the pool fountain of Bacolod City New Government Center.

As the video started, he began complaining about how hot the weather is and that they don’t have enough water. Joking aside, he introduced the NGC (New Government Center) as his own house, and that the NGC’s pool fountain as their very own well. Few moments later, he began to take off his bag, shoes, socks and shirt. Then started filling up the bucket with water from the pond. Soon after that, he poured the water unto himself and even described it as “refreshing”. The next thing he did was he scrubbed himself with soap even said “It’s more fun in the Philippines! But it’s more water in Bacolod!” he then shows off the fishes in the pool fountain .

A while after that, he stated “Kung waay kamo tubig, open gid ni ang balay namon, ang bubon namon. Para ni sa tanan. Free for all. Kung sin-o da wala tubig sinyo balay, indi magkabalaka, bay-e da ang BACIWA. Indi magbayad.  May tubig di, may bubon pa gid kami di.  Free ni guys, free for all ni. Para ni sa tanan nga mga Bacolodnon. Sa tanan nga mga Ilonggo, para ni sinyo tanan.”

In short, he said that to everyone who doesn’t have enough source of water, their house and their well is always open and free for all. And that there’s no need to mind paying the bills in BACIWA for they have enough water in their well.

As he continues to rinse off. Lastly he said in a very exciting tone, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

The video went viral on Facebook with the record of 6.6K views, upon uploading it 7 hours ago. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines, especially with the witty and creative attitude of the Filipinos that could always spread positivity.

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  • John canuel April 12, 2019, 12:46 pm

    This kind of people should be penalize for if left uncheck they will usher much anarchy in the city. Its very beneficial if his corrective measure is made public that our people may know that the government does not take this public shaming lightly. Salamat

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