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FULL VIDEO: Andre Brouillette Friend zone Abi Kassem on PBB Otso

Abi Kasseim admits feelings to fellow housemate Andre Brouilllette. See and watch their full conversation below. Someone who’s mature enough to know his limits and respect other’s relationship. Andre just proved that he’s more than just a pretty face, (Netizen Reacts).

Conversations below:

Andre: I got cheated on…so I know what it feels

Andre: You gotta be wise. There’s only 8 of us here. You tend to forget about the outside world

Abi: You know Lou likes you…and I feel jealous sometimes.

Andre: I can say what I want to you…but life here is temporary…

Abi: Am I bad person for liking you?

Andre: Just be careful about making decisions… and staying faithful is the right choice

Watch the video below: (Courtesy by ABS-CBN)

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