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Viral Now! HALIK: Recap Wednesday Episode Jacky vs Jade

There is a lot of Filipinos who were avid fans of ABS-CBN’s Prime Time Bida drama and exciting love story between two legally married couple.

Everyone is so excited to watch the scene where the two Jacky (Yen Santos) and Jade (Yam Concepcion) is set up to confront each other and showcase their best acting. As we are getting closer to that scene, Jacky is pouring a glass of water over Jade by which Jade expensive dress at a party was one among the exciting part of the episode someone would like to watch and of course, Jade’s reaction on it.

If you missed watching this episode, watch video here:

Video credit to ABS-CBN

One of the many reason why there are a lot of Filipino subscribed to this teleserye is because there are a lot of women can relate to this story as rampant today in the country who have almost the same situation.

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