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FULL VIDEO: It’s Showtime Magpasikat 2018 Hosts Performances

Magpasikat 2018 It’s Showtime’s 9th anniversary tradition for the hosts to perform and impress the madlang people (Audience).

The team of Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz with Hashtags Zeus Collins, Vitto Marquez, Maru Delgado and Girltrends Mica Javier and Joana Hipolito took the stage as the start off Magpasikat 2018.

Watch the video below: Team Jugs and Teddy’s live father and son show of love

Second (2) performers are Vice Ganda teams up with Tiyang Amy Perez and Hashtags McCoy de Leon, Luke Conde Wilbert Ross and Girltrends Krissha Viaje and Mikee Agustin.

Watch the video below:

Third (3) performers are from team of Anne Curtis team up with Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla with Hashtags Jameson Blake, Ryle Santiago, Tom Doromal and Girltrends Sammie Rimando and Kamille Filoteo.

Watch the video below:

The forth (4th) performers are from team of Vhong Navarro was with Ryan Bang, Hashtags Nikko Natividad, CK Kieron, Paulo Angeles and Girltrends Dawn Chang, Maika Rivera.

Watch the Performance below:

The Last Performance below:

(Updating Soon)

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